Welcome to Atomic Software Solutions

Atomic Software Solutions is offering a Windows based honeypot solution available as a free download.

April 2011 - HoneyBOT v1.8 released!

Whats new in version 1.8

  • Improved error handling and elegant messages.
  • New menu items redirect to website trend reports.
  • More...

What is a Honeypot?

A honeypot is a device placed on a computer network specifically designed to capture malicious network traffic. More...

Live Reports & Trends

View the HoneyBOT reports based on events that have been submitted to the central reporting server. The reporting tool displays port trends, protocol trends and more.

Whats being planned?
  • Signature based detection of exploits.
  • An online user manual.
Implementation of new features largely depends on user requests. If you support any of the above features being developed, or have and idea for a new feature then please contact us.


Like free software? Please support the ongoing development of HoneyBOT. You can contribute by making a donation here.

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